Long-path Gas Cell

The newly launched Herriott-type Long-path Optical Gas Cell with product model number OELPC-100/OELPC-200 is targeted for use in applications like gas sensing, spectroscopy, etc., in which a long optical path is required. OELPC-100 comes with isolated gas chamber, as shown in Fig. 1. OELPC-200 is the version without a built-in gas chamber. For efficient optical coupling, the cell can be attached with optical fiber pigtails. A beam entering the cell undergoes multiple reflections between two metal-coated highly reflective mirrors and the total length can be up to 30 m (Fig.2).

The input-output ports on this gas cell can be free space or fiber-pigtailed collimators. In addition to this, the output termination can be a photo detector with a suitable operation range. These cells are designed such that, user can easily integrate them in an optical system without requiring any complex alignment process.

Figure 1: OELPC-100 Long-path Optical Cell

Figure 2: Multiple beam reflections in OELPC-200


Parameter Unit Value
Operation wavelength nm UV to MIR
Total path m 3 - 30
Pressure (OELPC-100) atm 1 - 10
Cell volume cm3 70
External dimension (length x width x height) mm 150 x 74 x 70
Weight kg 1
Optical coupling - Free space, fibre pigtail
Fibre type - SMF, MMF
Connector - FC-LC-SC / PC-APC


Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice

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