Laser Diode Mount with or without Driver and Temperature Controller

(Butterfly type laser diode testing system)

Laser Diode Mount is used for install laser diode with butterfly package and DIP package. It is very easy to mount and dismount laser diode without soldering the laser diode pins. The laser mount has very good heat sinking capabilities for any cooled and uncooled lasers.  Model number OELMP-100DIP for Dip package laser diode and  OELMP-100DBUT for Butterfly package laser diode. Laser diode mount can work many different types of laser diodes like pump laser diode, DFB laser diode, SLD, LED, SOA.

Laser Mount only without Driver and Temperature Controller

Figure 1: Laser Mount Dip Package OELNP-100DIP
Figure 2: Laser Mount for Butterfly Package OELMP-100BUT

Laser Mount with driver and temperature controller, with model number OELMT-100, is a complete turn key laser system or light source built with your own laser diode.  With our high precision laser diode driver and temperature controller, the laser diode driving current of up to 3A, and laser diode operation temperature can be controlled and displayed on the instrument front panel. By changing the laser diode you will get a new laser system with different wavelength and power, a cost saving solution for engineers, researchers, and students working with laser and light source.

Laser Mount with Laser Diode Driver and Temperature Controller

Figure 3: Laser Mount (OELMT-500) with Building Driver & Temperature Controller
Figure 4: Laser Mount OELMT-100 with Driver & Temperature Controller



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