Precise Mini Temperature Chamber

OEMTC-100 is a benchtop temperature chamber that can be placed on your desk to test electronics component, medical device, and photonics product. Wide temperature range and precise temperature stability make it a suitable tool for performance test of wide range of products like sensors, electronics packages, medical device etc. Low power consumption and user-friendly interface are other advantages of this system.

One of many advantages of the OEMTC-100 is that you can set not only uniform but also any arbitrary temperature distributions inside the temperature chamber for different applications.

Another of many advantages of the OEMTC-100 is that the temperature control is locally not globally so that the energy efficiency is very high.

Another of many advantages of the OEMTC-100 is that it has no water pipe, or gas pipe connected, very small size and convenient to use at any locations in any where.


Figure 1: User Interface
Figure 1: User Interface

Figure 2: Mini Temperature Chamber OEMTC-100


Chamber Inside Dimensions

OEMTC-100:  70mm x 45mm x 20mm  (Length x Width x Depth)

OEMTC-200: 140mm x 45mm x 20mm (Length x Width x Depth)

Temperature Range

0 to 80 degree C

Temperature Stability

Typical +/- 0.2 degree C, Maximum +/- 0.4 degree C                   (Measured at the control sensor after stabilization)

Temperature Uniformity

Typical +/- 0.5 degree C, Maximum +/- .0 degree C                   (Variations throughout the chamber after stabilization)

Control Accuracy*

+/- 0.5 degree C                                                           (Measured at the control sensor after 30 minutes warm up)

Alarm Events

>+83 degree C, < -2 degree C

Heat Up Change Rate** 8 degree C/Minute
Cool Down Change Rate** 1 degree C/Minute

Communication Interface


Power Supply

100 to 240VAC, 50 to 60 Hz, 45VA

Device Outside Dimensions

270mm x 180mm x 210mm     (Length x width x height)



Operation Ambient

0 to 35 degree C (32 to 95 degree C), 90% RH non-condensing


Designed to meet UL STD 3101-1


2500 Vac or dc (Input and Output)

*Note: Total system accuracy in the chamber includes thermocouple wire accuracy. Thermocouple wire accuracy is +/- .4 degree C.
**Note: Transition times are measured after a 30 minute soak at the respective start temperature.
Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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