25G/50G/100G/200G DWDM Add/Drop Module

The single channel DWDM add drop module is based on our advanced fiber Bragg grating filter technology and has three ports for multiplexing or demultiplexing. One of significances  of  this DWDM Add/Drop device is flexibility of working wavelength which can be any at ITU grid or customer specified.   This device can be used to add or drop any channel signal at any note in a DWDM network system. Our high quality DWDM Add/Drop device shows that it is ideal component for 100GHz,50GHz and 25GHz DWDM system applications.



Parameter 25G 50G 100G
Center Wavelength (nm) S,C,L band ITU grid (or customer specify )
Pass Band (nm) <= 0.2 <=0.4 <=0.8
Isolation (dB) > -25
Wavelength accuracy(nm)  +/- 0.05
Insertion Loss (dB) <= 1.5
Fiber Type Corning SMF-28E ( or customer specify)
Package Size(mm)  100 x 65 x 14 (length x width x height)
Operation Temperature(oC) 0 ~ 70
Stoarge Temperature (oC)    -20  ~  +80


Center wavelengths on S, C, L band ITU grid or any customer wavelength

Connector: FC/PC , FC/APC

Customer package is also available

Cost effective

Model number:   OEWAD-200   for 200GHz DWDM Add/Drop Module

                         OEWAD-100   for 100GHz DWDM Add/Drop Module

                         OEWAD-050  for  50GHz  DWDM Add/Drop Module

                         OEWAD-025  for  25GHz  DWDM Add/Drop Module


Figure 1: 50 GHz DWDM Add/Drop Module

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Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice

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